How It Works

Historically, only banks and institutional investors have been able to make money by investing in business and consumer credit. Bitmarket now opens this asset class to private investors and makes it accessible to everyone – no matter if you're an experienced investor or just starting.

Crypto-based investments

Bitmarket is unique in the way that we don't move with the market trends – the investments are made based on professional experience. Cryptocurrency companies provide alternative financing to individuals and small businesses. We check that the companies we work with based on extensive fundamental analysis, professional risk management, and a solid financial standing. We help fund the projects and stand to gain the initial sales the company is getting from the project.

Choose your preferred plan

Choose from Our carefully thought out plans, designed to make life easy and profitable.

Start Earning Returns on Your Investment

Your investments generate returns based on your selected plan and investment amount.

Accelerate your returns

Many investors choose to reinvest their returns so their money can keep working. Given enough time, earnings can grow exponentially thanks to the power of compound interest.

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